Owner and Designer


Richard Gretz

Richard Gretz began creating and designing jewelry as an art student at Oregon State University.

With a degree in art, he has a passion for fine craftsmanship and beautiful gemstones in hand-made jewelry, a natural medium for his creativity.
For over 30 years, he has been one of the leading designer-goldsmiths in the Northwest. He is always learning and exploring new concepts of the jewelry trade.
He started Richard Gretz Goldsmiths in 1978 and has been creating unique and beautiful jewelry for customers far and wide ever since.

After more than 40 trips to Asia to buy gems, we have the Willamette Valley’s best collection of  natural colored gems and diamonds to chose from for your custom jewelry made right here in our store.

Store Manager

AJP - Gemological Institute of America


Irene Gingerich

Irene first caught the jewelry bug while creating pieces through lost wax casting in her high school jewelry class. She started as a sales person in the jewelry industry in 1990 and after taking time off to raise a family, returned to the industry with Richard Gretz Goldsmiths in 2013.

She earned an Accredited Jewelry Professional credential from Gemological Institute of America (GIA) in 2016. 

Irene enjoys working one on one with clients to help them create the jewelry of their dreams and follows the piece to completion to be sure her clients wishes are being met. She is a self-described “Diamond Girl” and personally seeks out the finest gemstones at the best value for our clients. Her keen eye is well-known, and her expertise is invaluable. 

While not working Irene enjoys playing team sports and camping with family and friends.

Shop Manager and Lead Goldsmith

Scott scary .jpeg

Scott Koeble

Scott randomly fell in to the jewelry world as a passing curiosity, and it didn't take long for him to completely fall in love with the combination of craftsmanship, chemistry, physics, and art.

He started his apprenticeship in a small coastal town in Southern Oregon, and eventually ended up in Corvallis. After seeing how seamlessly Richard blends traditional fabrication techniques and 21st century technology, he knew where he needed to be, and has been here ever since.

Scott wears many hats at Richard Gretz Goldsmiths. Having a myriad of backgrounds in information technology, engineering, metal-smithing, as well as a keen interest in wide variety of fabrication techniques and processes, he is always available to help around the store wherever his expertise is needed.


Basic and Advanced Stone Setting - Gemological Institute of America

Team Keith.jpg

Keith Missler

Keith started his career at 17 years old while polishing jewelry in his family shop. For the last 35 years he has expanded and fine-tuned his knowledge and skill in the jewelry craft. 20 years of that time was spent working as a goldsmith in an independent store.


A loving father of three, Keith's family means the world to him, and when all the kids flew the nest he and his wife decided to make a change. After living in Ohio his whole life he moved to Oregon in 2019. Oregon brought new opportunities in the shape of Richard Gretz Goldsmiths.


Keith loves anything Gold and Platinum and prides himself on being able to work the most intricate details into the jewelry he smiths.



Rebecca Powell

Rebecca really enjoys working with customers and helping them procure exactly what they are looking for. When they step inside our doors she is always so happy to see them and make them feel comfortable during their shopping experience. She is enamored by the opals and loves it when a customer also appreciates such a beautiful and delicate stone.


When she has free time she enjoys spending time in nature and she loves animals. She is a very proud dog mom of an adorable pit bull named Ginger.


When she isn't foraging in the forest she loves to make 3-d Victorian entomology displays. She draws her inspiration from the Victorian era and natural elements that she finds on the many hikes she takes around her home in the PNW.

Marketing and Sales



Gabrielle found her way into the jewelry business by chasing her passion for design. She is eager to learn and refine her skills in jewelry knowledge. Seeing the jewelry be made in each step of the process has become a strong source of inspiration for her. 


When she isn't studying jewels, she is studying in order to complete her degree in Graphic Design at Oregon State University. She finds inspiration for her design practice from the Arts. She loves just about any medium, ranging from paints, to photography, to sculpture. Gabrielle did gymnastics competitively for over 10 years and still has a passion for the sport, coaching tumbling classes once a week.  


Gabrielle is very happy to be a part of the jewelry world at Richard Gretz Goldsmith, and is looking forward to helping more customers create those unforgettable moments.


GG - GIA Graduate Gemologist

AJP - Gemological Institute of America

Team Dusty.jpg


Dusty graduated first in her class from the Gemological Institute of America in 2004. She has a keen interest in colored gemstones of all types with special emphasis on Australian opals and rare gemstones. Referring to herself as an inclusion junkie, Dusty relishes the chance to analyze and record strange and unique inclusions.


Dusty has many facets herself, not only a gemologist, she is also a cattle rancher, stockdog trainer and breeder, and an avid gardener.


She has a full gem lab on site and up-to-date software to make your appraisals as accurate as possible.