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Anniversary Gemstones


Anniversary Milestones by Year

In the tradition of gemstone anniversary gifting, each year is represented by a jewel that embodies unique qualities, such as wisdom or passion, to enrich your marriage.

Whether it's your first year of marriage or your fiftieth, honoring and gifting each other remains essential.

A happy marriage is one of life's most beautiful treasures. As the years pass, celebrate your union with enduring gifts. Jewelry set with the perfect anniversary gemstone is an ideal choice for these special occasions.

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1st Year


The first year of marriage is often celebrated as the 'golden anniversary,' making gold the perfect gift to commemorate it. Symbolizing the precious memories and moments shared in your first 365 days together, gold represents a strong and enduring partnership. While yellow gold is traditionally given on this occasion, white or rose gold can also be chosen if your partner prefers those tones.

Gold has been utilized in decorative objects since 4000 B.C. Its color likely symbolized the sun and the vitality of life to our ancestors, leading ancient Egyptians and Sumerians to craft magnificent pieces with the metal. Among the variations of gold, yellow gold is perhaps the most familiar. Rose gold, on the other hand, is created by blending copper with molten gold, while white gold is achieved by incorporating nickel, palladium, or platinum.

Sapphire copy.jpg

5th Year


Celebrate your fifth wedding anniversary with sapphire, a stunning and versatile gemstone available in almost any color. Although blue is the most commonly associated color, sapphires can be found in shades ranging from pink to orange to white (and nearly every color except red). With their unique hues and exceptional durability, sapphires make an excellent choice for anniversary bands, perfect for updating a wedding ring stack.

Sapphire boasts a rating of 9 on the Mohs hardness scale and exceptional toughness, rendering it one of the most resilient gemstones — a perfect emblem for a marriage destined to endure the test of time. Its rich lore further enhances its suitability as an anniversary gem: Ancient Greek and Roman monarchs believed the gem provided protection from harm. During the Middle Ages, clergy saw it as a symbol of heaven, while the faithful believed it attracted blessings.

Royal Star Diamond

10th Year


20th Year


Your tenth wedding anniversary is an incredible milestone, deserving a celebration with shimmering diamonds. Many choose to add a diamond band to enhance their wedding stack or opt for a separate piece like a diamond pendant or tennis bracelet. Some decide to upgrade their engagement ring with a new or larger center stone, transforming the original piece into a cherished heirloom.

Diamond, the hardest mineral on earth, mirrors the strength of your love. Just as true love is rare, diamonds are also rare — the average yield in most diamond mines is one part diamond to one million parts host rock. Diamonds form under high temperature and pressure, much like the inevitable joys and challenges of married life.

Celebrate two decades of marriage with the regal and fortunate emerald. This beautiful green gemstone, historically linked to royalty, symbolizes growth, peace, and reflection. It’s the perfect gift to honor twenty years together and look back on your shared journey.


30th Year


Celebrate three decades together with the timeless elegance of pearls, symbols of wisdom and beauty. If you also gifted pearls for your 3rd anniversary, consider redesigning them into a new piece of jewelry. This way, you retain the sentimentality of the original gift while giving it a fresh, new look.

Ruby copy.jpg

40th Year


Celebrate four decades together with the fiery ruby, a symbol of passion and romance. If you were also gifted rubies for your 15th anniversary, consider choosing a piece that complements the original design. This way, you can create a matching jewelry set that can be cherished and passed down through generations.


50th Year

Golden Jubilee

Fifty years together is a remarkable milestone, deserving to be commemorated with gold jewelry. Whether it's a gold band or a pair of earrings, the piece you choose should be special enough to celebrate half a century of shared memories.


60th Year

Diamond Jubilee

Six decades of marriage is traditionally celebrated with sparkling diamonds. Whether it's a tennis necklace or diamond studs, consider choosing a piece that will complete your partner's jewelry collection.


70th Year

Platinum Jubilee

Long regarded as the most durable metal, platinum perfectly symbolizes the strength and longevity of your 70-year marriage. Its beautiful silvery white hue shines in both plain-metal designs and as a complement to diamonds or other precious gemstones.

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