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Our Guarantee To You


At Richard Gretz Goldsmiths, our guarantee is a very important part of our philosophy. We stand behind our workmanship 100 percent. Wearability, longevity, functionality, and design must come together to make a truly great piece of jewelry. What good is a beautiful ring if it is uncomfortable or too delicate to wear? We strive to make your jewelry truly last a life time.

At Richard M. Gretz Goldsmiths, we really care that you're happy with your jewelry. Each piece we make is guaranteed in three ways:


You must like the design or we will alter the piece, remake it, or refund your money. Just let us know within 10 working days if you are not satisfied. There may be an additional charge for major design changes.


Our workmanship should be perfect. Each piece is guaranteed two years through normal wear and tear. Repairs needed during this time are done without charge. Bracelets with links are guaranteed for one year.


If a stone is lost, we will replace it at our cost. This is a lifetime guarantee.


Our lifetime guarantee will stay in effect when you have the piece checked with us after one week of continuous wear and every six months thereafter and all recommended repairs are completed 

If you live out of town, a reputable local jeweler can do the six-month setting check. A signed and dated business card mailed to us will keep your guarantee in effect. If a repair is needed, please contact us. We cannot guarantee the work of other jewelers.

Our guarantee does not cover the setting of emerald, opal, topaz, or tanzanite. These gemstones are brittle in nature and may break through normal wear. We do not guarantee any gemstone against wear such as abrasion, chipping, or breaking.

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